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Why do we strive for individualization of solutions in almost all areas of our life but when it comes to teamwork and its challenges we still stick to old "one size fits all" solutions?

The idea of Teamwork Engineers is simple: Instead of a high-level diagnosis like "Your team has a communication issue." followed by the mandatory old-fashioned "Communication Workshop", you should go one or two levels deeper to find the real reasons for your team issues. And instead of asking a few people for their opinion you could interview all stakeholder in and around the team. 

Good idea but if you do so, the process and the amount of data soon becomes unmanageable. Therefore, Teamwork Engineers has developed a combination of smart interview techniques and innovative digital processing of the data. 

From 30 years of business experience, this system has been developed by Andreas Damaske from business for business and real-life team situations. Learn more about how it can help also you to improve your client's teamwork by clicking on the button below.

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